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1 support resembling the rib of an animal
2 any of the 12 pairs of curved arches of bone extending from the spine to or toward the sternum in humans (and similar bones in most vertebrates) [syn: costa]
3 cut of meat including one or more ribs
4 a teasing remark
5 a riblike supporting or strengthening part of an animal or plant
6 a projecting molding on the underside of a vault or ceiling; may be ornamental or structural


1 form vertical ribs by knitting; "A ribbed sweater"
2 subject to laughter or ridicule; "The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house"; "The students poked fun at the inexperienced teacher"; "His former students roasted the professor at his 60th birthday" [syn: ridicule, roast, guy, blackguard, laugh at, jest at, make fun, poke fun] [also: ribbing, ribbed]ribbed adj
1 furnished or strengthened with ribs [ant: ribless]
2 (of the surface of shells) having a rough, rib-like texture [syn: costate]ribbed See rib

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  1. Of or pertaining to something with ribs.


  1. Simple past and past participle of rib.

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Ribbed is the third studio album by NOFX, it was released on March 26, 1991.

Track listing

  1. "Green Corn" – 1:44
  2. "The Moron Brothers" – 2:26
  3. "Showerdays" – 2:10
  4. "Food, Sex & Ewe" – 1:47
  5. "Just The Flu" – 2:03
  6. "El Lay" – 1:14
  7. "New Boobs" – 3:27
  8. "Cheese/Where's My Slice" – 2:16
  9. "Together On The Sand" – 1:11
  10. "Nowhere" – 1:34
  11. "Brain Constipation" – 2:24
  12. "Gonoherpasyphlaids" – 1:43
  13. "I Don't Want You Around" – 1:39
  14. "The Malachi Crunch" – 2:53
All songs by Fat Mike except "Together On The Sand" by Steve Kidwiller.


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